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Are you the kind of person who is excited and tempted by a beautiful Transsexual? Well with me I think most of people cannot resist this temptation. Do you find yourself attracted to personable, intelligent, graceful, alluring and exotic transexual ? - Then look no further. You have come to the right person.

Monday, 21 June 2010

TS myth " Am I gay if I want to have sex with TS??

PartTS Transexual Lalita 2: TS myth " Am I gay if I want to have sex with TS??

[ Previous part] No matter you are "bottom" male hoping that a pre-op TS will bend you over and fuck you.OR " top" male hoping that you can control the game and enjoy fucking TS. TS seems to have an amazing ability meet your sexual desires.

You expect to pay an escort for that services. That is mostly what they specialize in sexual services which is a good idea to fulfill your fantasy! If this is your first time, you are making a wise action!

Making love with TS there are something that you should know;
  • Don't be shy as I assure you that this is very common for straight men want to try having sex with TS.

  • Choose the right TS with a good experience with first timer.The rule of thumb is to communicate about what are you into and how to begin so that both of you will feel more comfortable and relax.You might looking for someone you can have fun with, someone you can trust, someone you can talk to, someone to mess around with in bed and whose body you know. Thus, choose the right one!

  • First impression is a key and remember what you give is exactly what you get. if you treat TS nicely and you are definitely get it back in return.

With my expertise with TS first timers, the most frequently asked question about " How do I participate with the TS First timer ?"

Well I have to say that different people have different requirement when it comes to this. I have carefully tailored my inexperienced gentlemen differently in response to our date. I often tell myself that I am here not just to offer a service but I am here to provide experience to my elite gentleman. To achieve our sensual first time date with my apprehensive gentlemen, I have providing various practises e.g. understand what he needs, friendly conversation, body contact, good sensual massage and of course sexual intercourse. If you want to know more about how did my inexperience gentalman thinking about TS and myslef then stay tune I am planing to to write an anomous artical about him when he had first experience with me. Follow me on Twitter to stay in touch.

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